About OIC

Office of Intermunicipal Coordination

In the beginning of 2006, Supervisor Jon Kaiman established the Town’s Office of Intermunicipal Coordination. This office will improve the way governments and municipal corporations communicate and work together to provide the highest level of services at reduced costs for the benefit of the taxpayers.

The Town of North Hempstead currently has Intermunicipal agreements (IMA’s) with over 40 municipal entities, including incorporated villages, school, library, water, water pollution control, and police districts. Through these agreements we have been able to help municipalities increase effectiveness and efficiency in providing services while reducing the cost. For example, in 2006, the Town’s Highway Department was able to provide close to a half a million dollars in services to 3 incorporated villages under current IMA’s.   As of April of 2010 the estimated savings realized by the Town of North Hempstead’s incorporated villages and special districts are over a quarter of a million dollars.  We expect this number to increase in the future as more villages and districts begin to see the savings they can pass on to their residents/customers.

The Town of North Hempstead, with its unique makeup, is proud to take the lead on these and other Intermunicipal initiatives. We expect our Office of Intermunicipal Coordination to continue to grow to meet the needs of municipalities within and beyond the borders of our township. By partnering with our neighboring municipalities and special districts we will continue to provide our residents with level of service they expect, and deserve from their local government.

Overview of North Hempstead

Within the borders of the Town of North Hempstead there exist approximately 100 municipal corporations including 31 villages, a number of authorities and quasi-governments associations and over fifty special districts. We have more specialized districts than any other town in New York State. Each year the Town of North Hempstead alone approves 45 special district budgets. This does not include school districts and other independent local districts.

Purpose/Goal of the Office

  • Dilutes Duplication of Services
  • Creates Partnerships
  • Enhances Efficiency
  • More Cost Effective

Services the Office provides

Some examples of the services we provide would be repaving, street sweeping, basin cleaning, sanding, snow removal, tree pruning, sign making, and dumping. The Town has made its Reverse 311 system available as well. Reverse 311 can be used to notify specific geographic locations of road closures, emergency work, etc. More recently, the OIC has offered the services of the Town of North Hempstead s “Green Team” in an effort to help keep both unincorporated and incorporated areas litter free. This is being done as part of the Town’s “Summer of Clean” campaign.