Intermunicipal Agreements

Intermunicipal Agreements made by the Town of North Hempstead

The Town is currently a party to IMA’s with one or more municipal corporation(s) and/or special improvement district(s), including but not limited to, villages, school districts, library districts, fire districts, park districts and waste water treatment districts located within the Town. These IMA’s permit the Town to cooperate with other municipal corporations and/or special districts to provide various services. The Town is currently a party to IMA’s for, among others, the cooperative purchase of supplies and equipment, the use of Town equipment, the collection of recyclables, actuarial services, sand and salt storage, traffic enforcement, and services related to mass transportation.

Section 119-o(1) of the New York General Municipal Law provides as follows:

In addition to any other general or special powers vested in municipal corporations and districts for the performance of their respective functions, powers or duties on an individual, cooperative, joint or contract basis, municipal corporations and districts shall have power to enter into, amend, cancel and terminate agreements for the performance among themselves or one for the other of their respective functions, powers and duties on a cooperative or contract basis or for the provision of a joint service, or a joint water, sewage or drainage project. … Any agreement entered into hereunder shall be approved by each participating municipal corporation or district by a majority vote of the voting strength of its governing body.

Entity Name
Port Washington Business Improvement District
Nassau County
Roslyn Fire District
Shelter Rock Public Library
Great Neck Park District
Port Washington Police District
Carle Place Union Free School District
East Williston Union Free School District
Great Neck Public School District
Herricks Union Free School District
Manhasset Public School District
New Hyde Park/Garden City Park Union Free School District
Port Washington Union Free School District
Roslyn School District
Sewahnaka Central High School District
Westbury Union Free School District
Baxter Estates
Great Neck
Great Neck Plaza
Kings Point
Lake Success
Munsey Park
North Hills
Old Westbury
Plandome Heights
Plandome Manor
Port Washington North
Roslyn Estates
Roslyn Harbor
Sands Point
Williston Park
Glenwood Water District
Manhasset Lakeville Water District
Port Washington Water District
Roslyn Water District
Great Neck Water Pollution Control District
Port Washington Water Pollution Control District